Empowering Voices, Transforming Health: Unveiling South London's Journey in Knowledge Equity

In 2021, Centric and TSIP delved into South London’s medical scepticism amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, supported by Impact on Urban Health. Our research highlighted a distinct lack of trust in healthcare institutions, especially among specific ethnic communities, leading many to distance themselves from mainstream health guidelines. Building upon those insights, we’ve embarked on a new endeavour: to address the challenges of knowledge dissemination within the healthcare sector for Black and ethnic minorities. This platform displays both our initial findings and our ongoing efforts to develop culturally informed strategies, ensuring that pivotal healthcare information effectively reaches and resonates with all communities.”

CR Reflections

To practice effectively, unlearn assumptions and include reflection in collaborative projects. Honest team reflection improves collaboration and communication, and CBPR supports health, reduces disparities, and promotes positive social change. Community researchers reflected on Dissemination of Knowledge project milestones.

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Based on the insights gathered, the implications are multifaceted and impactful, spanning across public health communication strategies, trust-building with healthcare providers, and policy formulation.

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Public Perception

The public perception, as gathered from the insights in the study, seems to be characterised by a mixture of scepticism and a desire for more effective communication from health institutions. Key elements of the public perception include.

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The Wider Picture

The insights from the study paint a vivid picture of the current state of public health communication and its reception among diverse urban communities. The implications for public health communications and policies are substantial and call for a strategic reevaluation of how health information is crafted and disseminated.

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Our Recommendations

At Centric, we believe the core principles that guide our vision and values are collaboration, entrepreneurship, nuance, trust, representation, innovation alongside culturally appropriate approaches.

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